Multiple Flues & Down Draft Video

We care about your health and the indoor air quality in your home. Carbon Monoxide and the other dangerous flue gases are often called “silent killers”, because most of these gases are odorless. Many homeowners in the US and Canada are breathing indoor air which contains exhaust gases from their stoves, furnaces and hot water heaters.

To allow you to better understand the problem and it’s solution, we have made a short video demonstrating the “smoke crossover” which is discussed on our site and by chimney and masonry professionals. We built a mock-up of a masonry chimney top with two flues and installed a standard multi-flue chimney cap on it. We then cut away one side of the cap screening and flue tiles so we could get a better view of what was occurring. See for yourself!

Quicktime (medium size – small size)

Sample from Video – Smoke comes up one flue and down the next!