Smoking and poor performing chimneys have plagued homeowners since the beginning of time. Extend-a-Flue™ was created to provide homeowners with unique chimney products that solve poor draft, smoke crossover and regulatory compliance issues. Our products are designed to add architectural style and curb appeal and install with no special tools or masonry work.

The designers and engineers responsible for our product lines have over 100 years of total combined experience. This team is responsible for the design of some of the most popular and well-engineered products in the business, which can be seen in the quality and appeal of our product lines.

Our patents provide us with exclusivity on the ONLY proper method for fastening extensions or other heavy objects to masonry chimneys and assures our customers that they are receiving a unique, safe and functional product.

Extend-a-Flue is located in San Antonio, Texas. If you have questions about our company or our product line, please contact us:

San Antonio, Texas
Phone:  210-837-1120