Cast Classic CC1818 - NEW PRODUCT

Extendaflue® is proud to announce the newest WINNER in our product line, the CC1818 Chimney Cap, Cover and Extension. This beauty weighs in at less than 50 pounds, yet has the style of clay chimney pots which weight 6x as much.

Unit is 21" high to bottom of screen
Base is 18.25" Square ID
15.5"+ pipe will fit up through unit

The CC1818 also has MANY functions and flexible uses, such as:
1. Chimney cap for 18” square flues - the ID of the bottom measures 18.25” and stops are built into the casting to allow the unit to seat onto
the flue tile. Also can fit 11" x 17", 7" x 17" and other odd sizes.

2. The large inside diameter of approx. 16” allows the CC1818 to be used
as a non-combustible decorative surround around virtually any chimney
lining job termination, as well as for most sizes of packed pipe.

3. The unit can also be used to cover B-Vent and Direct-Vent pipes exiting
from chase tops and masonry fireplaces. The standard gas cap can often
be used INSIDE our cap and screening.

4. The casting includes a round top ridge which can accept any number of
adapters which we make in order to properly fit and waterproof your pipe.

5. The CC1818 is not yet tested with air-cooled pre-fab fireplace
chimneys , however you can use in in many situations as a non-
combustible casing or in some cases the factory cap can be used either inside our screened area OR you can remove the screen and then mount just the top casting hat on top of the factory cap.
Note: The base can be purchased separately for those situations where you intend to use factory cap - the factory cap can then be painted terra cotta color.

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